Why are Life Coaches Important?

Why are Life Coaches Important?

I often hear people talk about how therapists, life coaches, or self improvement are for “those types of people.” And when I was younger, I used to think that I never wanted to be the “type” of person that needed another in order to help them heal. I wanted to be an island onto myself that never needed anyone or anything. Until I realized a very interesting fact. Did you know that as humans we cannot crack our own backs? It is physically impossible to crack our own backs without the help of another person. This is the moment I realized that my job was not to live alone but to live in community. And this meant allowing others to help me. This is one of the the things I hope to bring to Auston through my Life Coaching.

It was not until I was much older that I realized that the people I knew who made fun of self help, therapy, coaches, or courses were the ones that were the most scared of getting help and allowing others to help them. Because the worst part about getting help is realizing you can’t do it on your own and there is an inherent vulnerability that comes with that.

The more I learned to rely on other people, the more I realized I actually enjoyed my life more with other people in it. That when all the pressure was on me to figure out everything, I was so stressed that I not only moved more slowly and with more self judgement, but that I was not able to heal completely because I was only relying on my knowledge.

As a life coach, it is my job to help other people feel supported, loved, and to help foster their growth and healing. I now ask another person to do this because I myself have experienced what it takes to reach out to another and ask for love and support. This brings me to my earlier question of why life coaches are important. Simply, because we are people who are rooting for you. We want you to succeed and over time, as you move forward on your life journey and awaken more fully to who you are, we get to do the same. And together we get to help the world heal and be a better place.


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