What is Guided Meditation?

Meditation is becoming a part of our social norms and social conversations. In a city such as Auston, meditation centers are popping up and even bus ads for Headspace (a meditation app) have become more prevalent. So what is meditation and what is the difference between guided and regular meditation?
I was interviewing a friend who has taught meditation for 30 years and we were remarking that mediation in its simplest form is simply lessening the stimulation that is coming into your body. Most times this is done by shutting your eyes. It really is that simple.
Guided meditation is listening to someone’s voice instead of meditating alone. Someone is guiding you with their voice, helping to remind you to take deep breaths,  and all you have to do is listen. Often you will fall into a peaceful rhythm.
Neither type of meditation is better than the other. Meditation has many different forms and if one type does not work for you, it may be a good idea to seek out other forms.
Often meditation is hyped as clearing your mind and getting to “nothing.” That never really worked for me. The more I focus, the worse my mind gets. So as I was exploring more types of meditation I was interested in finding ways to meditate that didn’t focus on that.
Here are a couple of different types of meditation that may be useful for you to explore.
Heart Meditation
This is where you learn to focus on the beating of your heart and do breathing exercises in order to fall into a meditative state. I did a six-week course in this area and I found the instruction to be easy. This was the organization that I followed: https://iamheart.org/.
Mantra Meditation
This is when you repeat a word, phrase, or prayer. I have tried this and love this form of meditation. Sometimes just focusing on a prayer for yourself or the people you love can be an easier way to meditate. It sounds like it won’t work but I have had some really amazing results. It helped my mind learn to accept a new way of thinking about the world.
Guided Meditation
One of the things I love to do is instruct students in guided meditation as well as listen to it myself. I find that sometimes I need to rely on another voice and calm, grounded demeanor to help me relax. This is where I simply lead people on a journey into their bodies. It is often very simple and lasts about 30 minutes. It can be as simple as going through the limbs of your body and feeling them as they get heavy and focusing on helping the muscles relax.
Meditation Centers in Auston
Meditation centers in Auston are starting to become more popular as well. It is a nice way to create community by meditating together and also feel like you have people supporting you and guiding you through a meditation.
While I may be biased towards guided meditation, I do feel it is a great method for beginners and it is also a way to meditate and have it be more of a community activity instead of feeling like you have to do it alone.


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