Why Austin is Spiritual

One place I have always wanted to visit in Auston is Barton Springs pool. I am a sucker for anything natural and water related. I don’t know if its the rejuvenation I feel when I dive into a pool, or the inherent refreshing feeling, or that there is always some healing associated with water especially when it occurs in natural pools. I will drive like 4 hours just to try out a new hot spring so this one seems like a no brainer.

I think part of what draws me to this Auston swimming hole is the idea that you could find healing in the middle of a city. Sometimes when I am wondering around a city and I am feeling over whelmed or temperamental I try and find a fountain just to be by flowing water. It always amazes me how much better I feel right away. Sometimes I will even try and find a place to sit and close my eyes. That way I can feel the water moving and that light splash you get as well as do a small meditation. It not only helps my mood but I end up feeling refreshed as if I had jumped in.

This is one of my favorite healing/grounding tricks for myself. I try to find a new place with water every couple of months.

I look forward to visiting this special spot in Auston and to be able to once again feel the healing waters.


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