I taught myself to meditate when I was 4. I started my first business when I was 8 years old. I got my first job at 11. 

I worked in and studied education for nine years starting at 15. I taught pre school, lead back country canoe tripes and developed summer enrichment courses for a private school. At one point I could no longer deny that my true passion was following a career in fashion. 

So in college I worked for a shoe store and did sales, buying and window displays and then landed a summer internship with Nordstrom. After College I moved to San Francisco and worked for Gap Corporate as an analyst, produced a fashion show with 80 models, and did visual merchandising for a chain of well known boutiques. About 2 years in I realized I wanted to dress people full time.

I started a personal shopping business called Ensemble Personal Image Consulting that I owned and ran for 10 years. Together my team and I worked with upwards of 200 clients a year. We specialized in Tech executives and became (and still remain) the most highly reviewed personal shopping business in the United States. 

While fashion will always be close to my heart I started to realize that I love helping other people fulfill their business dreams. Taking my own business insights I parlayed this knowledge into a coaching business. Drawing on my work experience from education, meditation, and personal shopping while using my intuition as a road map I help guide individuals and companies to creating sustainable reliable growth. 

I now work with executives, early stage tech, and small business owners to help them create structure, strategy, and spirituality inside the workplace.

In the last 10 years I have helped double revenue and double salaries. I currently run 3 small businesses in addition to my coaching practice. 

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