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Why are Life Coaches Important?

Why are Life Coaches Important? I often hear people talk about how therapists, life coaches, or self improvement are for “those types of people.” And when I was younger, I used to think that I never wanted to be the “type” of person that needed another in order to help them heal. I wanted to be an island onto myself that never needed anyone or anything. Until I realized a very interesting fact. Did you know that as humans we cannot crack our own backs? It is physically impossible to crack our own backs without the help of another person. [...]

What is Guided Meditation?

Meditation is becoming a part of our social norms and social conversations. In a city such as Auston, meditation centers are popping up and even bus ads for Headspace (a meditation app) have become more prevalent. So what is meditation and what is the difference between guided and regular meditation? I was interviewing a friend who has taught meditation for 30 years and we were remarking that mediation in its simplest form is simply lessening the stimulation that is coming into your body. Most times this is done by shutting your eyes. It really is that simple. Guided meditation is [...]

Why Austin is Spiritual

One place I have always wanted to visit in Auston is Barton Springs pool. I am a sucker for anything natural and water related. I don't know if its the rejuvenation I feel when I dive into a pool, or the inherent refreshing feeling, or that there is always some healing associated with water especially when it occurs in natural pools. I will drive like 4 hours just to try out a new hot spring so this one seems like a no brainer. I think part of what draws me to this Auston swimming hole is the idea that you [...]